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The Roundtable

A key component to the Safe & Humane effort is the Oklahoma Roundtable for Animal Welfare, a twice-yearly meeting of leaders in the field. Roundtable membership consists of civic, nonprofit, and industry top executives who work together for the well-being of Oklahoma animals and the people who care for them. Moreover, each member represents a unique organization with a distinct mission, strategy, and philosophy.


Members of the roundtable will:

  • Engage professionally and respectfully with other members of the Roundtable.
  • Learn and share best practices in the treatment of animals.
  • Identify salient issues in animal welfare that impact specific fields and share those issues.
  • Educate the public, including young people, about animal concerns through unique and perhaps unified programming efforts.
  • Lead discussions or make presentations about individual nonprofit/organizations to colleagues and the general public.
  • Influence their community or industry in ways that improve the lives of animals.

For more information about the Oklahoma Roundtable for Animal Welfare and its members, please go to: